How it all started ?

Quite simply, when I was traveling in Spain I had to rent audio guide device in every museum I wen to (I don’t speak Spanish at all) surprisingly I found that in many places renting device was more expensive then the museum ticket itself.

Good few month later on I went to New York to one of the biggest and most popular museum there (sorry can’t mention the name) and found that the audio device was not only pricey but had a lot of flaws, first of all it was hard to use it and battery was not lasting for more then 45 minutes. When I went to help desk there was already guy waiting before me in queue asking exactly this same question as me – so how to use it ?! Nice lady told him that actually it’s not easy and secondly you can switch device to more simple mode – simply by entering 3 digits of the location, and that was when the bulb light up for me …


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